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RECOMMENDED OS: WINDOWS 7 & 10 (Windows 10 is Preferred)




  • Download .NET Framework Supportive From here >> Download File

  • After downloading the file, right-click on it, and click on “Run As Administrator” and download it.

  • After successful installation .NET Framework file, you can install Business WhatsApp Sender in your System.

ERROR 2: “CefSharp.Core.dll”



  • Download Supportive File From here >> Download File

  • Install the above-given file on your computer and then restart your PC. You will be able to open and use WhatsApp Business Sender on your PC.



  •  Add 91 at the beginning of every number of your data. For Example, if your number is 9825098250 then add 919825098250.

  • This is an international-based software. So you have to mention the International code at the beginning of every number.


  • If your attachment is not sending with the text then please restart the software and use it.

  • If still not sending then please add your message in the Caption Of the Image file. Image -> Right Click -> Set Caption (Please remove all message from Top Message Section)

  • Still Message Not Sending? Avoid The Special Character In Message Like [$, <, =, etc]

  • First, try Sending Without Name When you experience a message not sending issue. Then import the right CSV-MS Doc Format with a name to send with a name

  • Unable to Load Latest API Error? Make Sure Your Internet Connection Are Ready And Re-Open The App

If Still message pending issues occurs then follow below steps >>

  • Make sure you select Blind mode at the time of sending. Safe mode is just for the saved contacts.

  • Some time due to slow internet connections in your PC or in your Mobile Pending issues occurred. At that time you have to check the below points. 

  • Make sure your WhatsApp on mobile is in active mode and working well.

  • Make sure our software is connected with your mobile WhatsApp account.

  • After checking the above points, please go through the below settings of Bulk Sender software:

  • Go to Settings -> Sending Settings -> Connection Speed -> and select SLOW option.

  • Now go to the second option “Sending Settings” and “Delay Between Messages” -> Wait Between 4 to 8 Seconds

  • After the above sendings, please restart your PC. Open the software and connect your WhatsApp account to the software and use it.


  • Make sure you selected Blind Mode While You Click Send Button



Rule Name “Services” Keyword “Services”

  • Personal Services

  • Business Services

  • Marketing and Sales

  • Home Services

  • Computers and

  • Technology

  • Children’s Services

  • Event Services

+ You Can Add Images + PDF Presentations in Auto Reply

Next Step Set  Rule Name >>> SERVICES,  And Set Keyword “Services”

Make Sure You Enabled This Rule In Bottom Section Of the same page

When Your Customer Type and Send “What Services You Offer ?”

They Receive Your Services List + Attached Images and PDF Presentations

Same Way You Can Set Product List + PDF Catalog Auto Send  According to The Keyword, Above Case Is Just an Example! You Can Create Unlimited Reply With PDF And Images


  • Import the Number With Country Code Start Checking

  • The result will be ready In Seconds

  • You Can Select Which WhatsApp Need to Import (Normal WhatsApp Or Business WhatsApp)


Business Whatsapp Sender allows you to easily communicate with recipients that expect to receive your messages (Eg. clients, students, patients, etc..), and it’s NOT A SPAM TOOL. We are not responsible if you got banned.

Below are some tips to reduce the risk of being banned:

  1. We suggest not using your main personal account(you can use a new account number)

  2. Just try to use your new account for a few days sending and receiving and after sending bulk from it

  3. Send account number(that you want to use to send bulk) as vcard from your personal account with friends and family ask them to save it and to message you on it

  4. When you start sending bulk from a new account start with small bulks

  5. Join Open WhatsApp Groups and make some conversation their

  6. Try to write a message in a way that recipients does not report it as spam (this is the most critical issue with new accounts)

  7. Try to use Multi-Message and/or Spintax options on the application, which allow you to write the same message in a different way

  8. Add your numbers and your friend's number that you usually chat with them and set initiate dialog with them after x amount of messages

  9. Give your account more credibility by joining groups

  10. Do not send more than 600 messages per hour. Business WhatsApp Sender has a unique capping option where you can tell Business Whatsapp Sender when to stop sending messages.

  11. Send messages only to opt-in users

  12. Put Flight Mode For 10 Sec To Change Mobile IP Dynamically


Why Google Chrome gives me the error “Incorrect phone number” or “Phone number shared via URL is invalid” after scanning QR-code?

For incorrect phone numbers please wait it will skip or ensure that the first number on your bulk is the right number. Be sure you added the country code before numbers

What can I do to insert “Full Name” in the Russian language, cause now when sending users to receive “? ? ???” instead of a Name?

When you import a number with a name in Russian ensure that your file is Unicode not ANSI

It’s sending each line as a separate message. How can I send the entire message as one message with Line breaks?

From Advanced settings try to set “text inject” sending type.

The message sent is too low. How can I speed up?

From Advanced settings please set “text inject” sending type and set 0 as a delay. But please note that in this way the ban risk is higher.

I don’t see the QR code in Google Chrome

Try to:

-delete cookies in Chrome

-disable your proxy and antivirus

-In Chrome go in Settings > Advanced and disable Hardware acceleration

I have problems importing a CSV file with names and numbers, how can I solve it?

Be sure to import CSV with the “;” separator, with names in the 1st field and numbers in the 2nd field.

If you have an excel file with names and phone numbers (or only numbers) you can try to use this online tool:

You only have to copy and paste from excel and this tool can add prefixes and save in CSV (select semicolon as delimiter).

I receive the Error “Bulk has been Stopped” how fix it?

The cause of the problem is that the app cannot connect to chrome so please do the following:

1) Re-boot the PC

2) Right-click on the icon app and select “Run as Administrator”

3) Set Chrome as Default Browser

4) Disable any adblocker in Chrome (if you have it)

5) If the problem still exist, uninstall and reinstall Chrome

6) From setting select text inject

I receive the Error “Invalid number or blocked Number” how fix it?

Please restart Chrome and restart the program

It gives an error after installing: Problem Event Name: CLR20r3

You have to install the .NET Framework 4.6 on your PC:

The customization/personalization of the message doesn’t work, why?

Try to put in the message the tag [[fullname]]. Also, you have to disable the “turbo mode” option.

I got the error “Phone number shared via URL is invalid”

It means that the recipient’s number has no Whatsapp or it is inexistent or it has not the Country prefix ( +91 for India, +1 for the USA...)


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